SPG Solves Calciner Tower Maintenance Challenge with Transformable Platform

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MONTREAL (Sept. 10th, 2018) – The maintenance process for the 400 ft (122 m) tapered calciner tower at the Lafarge’s Exshaw, Alberta cement plant requires a costly shutdown every year. Layers of thick scale build up on the tower walls during the cement-making process that turn into dense, glass-like shards. The shards can grow inches thick, be as large as cars and weigh up to 150 lbs (68 kg). They can loosen and fall from great heights, making proper maintenance and descaling of the tower walls mandatory before they become hazardous.

“The buildup on the calciner tower can become really dangerous so proper maintenance is crucial for safety. The large pieces can create a cascading effect when they fall, and that can be catastrophic,” said Andrew Fossheim, Production Coordinator, Lafarge.

“We always used a bosun chair to descale the tower every year, but it would take one person suspended from the chair on a cable typically working 168 hours to complete the job,” said “We had to shut the plant down for over two weeks in order for the work to take place. That method just wasn’t cost effective or time efficient.”

Having worked with AGF Access Group on previous projects, Lafarge was familiar with their skill at solving tough access challenges. The engineers at AGF Access Group’s project consulting division, the Special Project Group (SPG), recognized that the project needed a high capacity suspended platform that provided workers access to descale the interior of the tapering tower.

SPG met with the Exshaw plant team in Calgary to understand the project and create a platform to fit their needs. In three months, SPG in collaboration with the Company’s Winsafe division, designed and delivered a suspended platform that had a transformable shape during usage: one that was square at the narrower top of the tower and could be altered modularly in mid-air into a circular platform to meet the walls of the widening tower on the way down.

The custom-designed Winsafe suspended platform was a 9 ft (2.74 m) square with a 4,000 lb capacity, and can be adjusted into a 14-16 ft (4.27 m – 4.88 m) circle with a 3,000 lb capacity that provides access to the different sections of the calciner tower. The platform’s motor moves it 35 ft per minute to travel the 400 ft length of the tower. The platform was designed to be 8 in from the tower wall at all times, while holding eight workers, their materials and their tools.

“Our transformable Winsafe platforms provide access to areas that are unusual shapes, such as square or circular silos, industrial vessels, power plants, etc., that often have significant height requirements. They can also be designed for a diameter of up to 50 ft (15 m),” said Stephan Loiselle, Business Development Manager, SPG.

“The Winsafe suspended platform has given us a new, faster way to descale. It cut the time for the job down by 66%,” said Fossheim. “We can get this same work done now in only four days; it’s a huge improvement. The SPG team has been incredibly helpful – even down to the last-minute changes. They were always available for us.”

“SPG specializes in working closely with our customers to innovate access solutions to meet their unique needs,” said Alex Di Domenico, General Manager, SPG. “We have a saying at SPG: ‘Everything can be solved.’”

“The design they came up with was exactly what we needed. Our options seemed endless,” said Fossheim. “They literally opened our eyes to how platforms can reach hard to access places.”

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