Hydro Mobile Company Profile

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In the Mid 80’s, on the outskirts of Montreal, Canada, a group of independent masons decided to get together to figure out a way to boost efficiency, ensure personal and material safety, and increase profit on their work sites. To address their common needs, they took their requirements and turned to a renowned local inventor for help. He decided to combine hydraulic power with ratchet drive technology; a solution that turned out to be a revolutionary alternative to traditional scaffolds. The newly founded company experienced great success, expanded, and became Hydro Mobile, today‘s largest manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms in North America.

Commercialized through a vast network of dedicated distributors, Hydro Mobile’s work platforms are designed to be safe, ergonomic, easy to set up, and easy to use. The platforms increase worksite productivity by up to 30%, reduce worker fatigue and considerably decrease the risk of injuries.

Offering a full line of products, Hydro Mobile’s platforms are suitable for any construction or restoration project, and are used worldwide for various sizes of residential, commercial or industrial constructions.

The M-series is most commonly used for facade works that require high loading capacity. Supporting weights of up to 20,000 lb., it has one of the highest load capacities in the market.  What’s more, a multitude of accessories adapts to the M-series, allowing the platform to conform to an extended range of architectural configurations, whether angles, corners or circular shapes.

The P-series is perfect for smaller jobs that require high loading capacity and for restrained work areas. Small enough to fit through a 36” opening, the P-Series platforms have a high load capacity to size ratio and are ideal for multi-residential or small commercial masonry jobs ranging between 15 and 100 feet in height.

The F-series is the most flexible platform in the market. With the highest speed to capacity ratio on the market, it is best suited for heights of 100 feet or more and can accommodate multi-trade work, covering a wide variety of types of work: windows, EIFS, Stucco, painting, and even bricklaying. What’s more, platforms are independent and can be operated separately to work at different heights simultaneously.

The S-series is simplicity of design, reliability and safety brought together. Powered by two electric motors on 230V it can lift 8,000 pounds at 30 feet per minute. The S Series is a solution for a wide range of projects.

Hydro Mobile’s new economical and secure access solution for workers and material, the Transport Platform, offers an intelligent, cost-effective complement to current systems. Any material required by a subcontractor can be easily and rapidly transported (internal framing and finishing, doors and windows, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more, including debris removal).

With more than 8,000 platforms sold in North America, Hydro Mobile has made safety and customer service its priorities. For example, the Hydro Mobile University was created in order to provide training seminars to the users to help them optimize their use of platforms and make their work environment as safe as possible. Moreover, a designated team of skilled engineers offers technical support and designs custom solutions for clients to help elevating efficiency.


To download complete specifications, learn more about Hydro Mobile’s products, and find a distributor in your area, please visit www.hydro-mobile.com or call toll free 1.888.484.9376