A “Truss Worthy” Access Solution for the Bridge Market

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What do Tappan Zee, Samuel de Champlain, Gordie Howe and Sam Houston Ship Channel all have in common? They are all bridges in North America, of course. But they are also examples of megaprojects that relied on AGF Access Group’s (AAG) one-stop-shop solution for vertical access.

While AAG is primarily known for its popular brand of Hydro Mobile mast climbers, the company is quickly gaining notoriety through its Major Projects team and their unique approach.

Whole Access Vision
With AAG’s engineering talent, combined with its product quality and pioneering culture, the leadership realized that they had something special to provide to the marketplace.

Led by Vice President Alex Di Domenico, AAG’s Major Projects team tailor-makes vertical access solution packages for its large infrastructure clients by bringing together the best and most fitting offerings from the Company.

Typically, a general contractor will buy or rent equipment from various suppliers, but we bring it all together under one roof,” said Di Domenico. “Execution and management are simplified, allowing communication with very few personnel rather than many.”

Solutions for the Bridge Market
AAG’s Major Projects team is accomplished in providing engineering consulting services and manufacturing access solutions for the North American bridge industry. They are familiar with the segment’s access challenges, and how to provide answers that work.

Permanent maintenance access products developed specifically for the bridge market include products such as: Under Bridge Maintenance Gantries, Stay Cable Inspection Gantries, Pylon Inspection Cradles, and Rack & Pinion Elevators.

Temporary access and work platform solutions include: construction hoists for pylons, work platforms for stay cable installation and repair, engineered large-area fixed platforms, bridge segment bolting platforms, post-tension transversal platforms, post-tension longitudinal platforms, traditional scaffolding and access stairs.

Products and services can also include a variety of standard or customized Hydro Mobile mast climbers and Winsafe suspended scaffolding, rental services, hands on operator training, stairs, construction elevators, fencing and engineering consulting services – providing a total access solution.

Best Reputation in the Industry
The Major Project teams’ method has shown to substantially improve the efficiency of projects while reducing labor costs. “The bottom line: risk is minimized through our partnership,” he said. “Especially when we are brought in at the beginning of a project, we are committed to provide the assistance that is needed from start to finish.”

The industry is recognizing AAG for their results. They won the SAIA Project of the Year 2019, KHL Access Project of the Year 2017, KHL Access Project of the Year 2016, HHCA Safety Award 2017, and more.

The Major Projects team is also known for making a difference in sectors such as power plants, nuclear facilities, hydroelectric generating stations and dams, LNG terminals, offshore oil and gas platforms, and more. They have deservedly earned the reputation for being the best in the business.

To learn more about AAG’s Major Projects Team and how they can help you simplify your access needs, please contact Alex Di Domenico at alex@agfaccessgroup.com